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Deirdre Mulrooney is an emerging Irish Artist, living and working in Berlin. Her current work is a fantastical and brazenly irreverent take on femininity, sexuality, religion and power. 

Raised working class in a small nation dominated by Catholicism and men, she now lives as a teacher, a mother and an artist discovering the joy of playing with taboos and visions of female identity that would until all to recently have seen her locked away.

"My work is a place where my joy in creativity as a woman is wholly my own and ungovernable. Through the pain and sometimes even the unspeakable, there are no limits. As women, we contain it all."

Her use of media follows the iconography of identity, mish mashes of cheap paint, gold leaf, sound, theatre. 

Influences are, as you may guess a long list - any woman who ever did a damned thing worth doing.